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The view from the Fed’s discount window
Mar 31, 2023

The view from the Fed’s discount window

Banks try to avoid the Fed's discount window, an emergency lending program. We explain why. Plus, a small business rides out economic and climate changes.

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The Weekly Wrap

Marketplace host Amy Scott talks to Jordyn Holman of the New York Times and Linette Lopez of Business Insider about the banking crisis hearings and the rest of the week’s economic news for the Weekly Wrap.

Why banks are reluctant to borrow at the Fed's "discount window"

Mar 31, 2023
There's a stigma attached to the emergency lending program.
The Federal Reserve's discount window is a "safety valve" that can stabilize troubled banks, says Bill Nelson of the Bank Policy Institute.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

The benchmark for determining global crude oil prices is changing

Mar 31, 2023
Dated Brent, used to set the price of most of the world's oil, will include supplies from Texas for the first time.
West Texas Intermediate crude oil has the qualities needed for an update of the Brent index. Above, storage tanks in Midland, Texas.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

California retailer weathers the storm of tech layoffs and a "climate pandemic"

Mar 31, 2023
In the laid-back beach town of Santa Cruz, a local retailer adds wildfires and epic rain storms to the list of things to plan for.
Sonia McMoran consults her weather app to plan ahead for her store, above.
Courtesy of Sonia McMoran

"Poverty is a big business"

More and more for-profit companies are taking charge of welfare administration. Krissy Clark looks at whether one of these companies is really benefiting its clients.

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