The race to control inflation is a marathon, not a sprint
Dec 12, 2022

The race to control inflation is a marathon, not a sprint

Though inflation seems to be cooling, it may take years to reach the Fed's 2% target. Plus, wildfires strain government budgets and hurricanes challenge scientific predictions.

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Inflation's "last mile" is the trickiest

Dec 12, 2022
Fighting inflation starts like a sprint, but it's a marathon. And the last few miles are hardest.
Online prices and freight rates are down, pointing toward cooling inflation. But getting the rate back down to 2% will require a cooler labor market, says economist Sarah House.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

How Congress' latest bid to help Americans save for retirement falls short

Dec 12, 2022
Economists say bills like the Secure Act 2.0 mostly benefit those who already have some retirement savings.
One in four Americans aren't saving for retirement, many of them because they can't afford to.
DNY59/Getty Images

For many Chinese workers, the country's zero-COVID policy has tested family bonds

Dec 12, 2022
Most workers who leave small towns for higher pay in big cities can't bring their families with them. For nearly three years, travel restrictions have kept them apart.
A masked factory worker works on a machine line.
Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Storm (prediction) chasers

The climate crisis, along with a boom in coastal development, means hurricanes can cause more death and destruction. Marketplace’s Amy Scott reports on the folks who are trying to predict such disasters.

Urgent care industry grows as need, business opportunity meet

Dec 12, 2022
The pandemic shone a light on urgent care's role in the health system. Private equity has taken notice.
A CityMD urgent care clinic in New York City. The chain is among several in the industry that are expanding aided by investment from private equity.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Wildfires are more frequent, getting worse — and straining government budgets

Dec 12, 2022
Federal spending by the two main agencies that manage wildfires has doubled in the last decade, Pew found. States are spending more too.
A fire burns east of Eugene, Oregon, in September 2020. Pew researcher Colin Foard pointed out that the state of Washington's average annual spending on wildfires more than tripled during the 2010s.
Tyee Burwell/AFP via Getty Images

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