“The Fed is still behind the curve”
Dec 20, 2022

“The Fed is still behind the curve”

Today, economist Mohamed El-Erian discusses where he thinks the central bank went wrong in addressing inflation and where it should go from here. Also, the EU takes aim at app stores.

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Economist El-Erian calls on the Fed to start “owning their mistakes”

The prominent economist Mohamed El-Erian said the Fed is still “behind the curve” on inflation.
Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser for Allianz, blames the Fed for failing to act sooner on inflation.
Rob Kim/Getty Images

Consumers have kept the economy humming. How long can they keep it up?

Dec 20, 2022
Although they're contending with inflation and economic uncertainty, they continue to rack up debt and burn through their savings.
With consumers racking up debt and burning through savings, economists expect a pullback in spending.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The lessons of operating in-person

We check in with Annie Lang Hartman, owner of the stationery and gift company Wild Lettie in Leelenau County, Michigan, about how her holiday quarter is going.

Can the EU break Google and Apple's app store dominance?

Dec 20, 2022
The European Union's Digital Markets Act could have implications beyond Europe's borders — even in the U.S., where similar bills didn't make it through Congress.
Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

New rule for electric car tax incentive delayed

Dec 20, 2022
The rule requires a percentage of battery components to be sourced in the U.S. or countries that have free-trade agreements with the U.S.
Electric vehicle tax credits are currently only available to people who buy cars assembled in the U.S. Above, EVs being produced in Michigan.
Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

What it means to buy a house on a block that loves Christmas

Dec 20, 2022
Residents of 34th Street in Baltimore purchased not just a dwelling, but a whole new way of life during the month of December.
Joey Zeledon (left) and Martelle Esposito work on the display in front of their home on 34th Street in Baltimore.
Stephanie Hughes/Marketplace

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