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Marketplace for Monday, September 3, 2012

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It’s Labor Day. So ahead of the Labor Department’s jobs report released this Friday, we take a look at the job opportunities that are out there. As the end of summer draws near, we explore how a song becomes a summer hit. And are you planning to cook today? We look at the (dying?) business of cookbooks. Plus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushes China on territorial disputes, France mulls the costs of preserving its old churches, two expatriates in the U.K. discuss life from across the pond, and there’s a new way of building affordable housing in Mexico.

Segments From this episode

What makes a summer hit song?

by Mitchell Hartman Sep 3, 2012
Sometimes a little tweet is all it takes to catapult a relatively unknown artist to the top of the charts.

Making housing more affordable in Mexico

by Alex Goldmark Sep 3, 2012
New initiatives aim to make home ownership and house building more affordable for millions more Mexicans.

France weighs the cost of preserving its churches

by John Laurenson Sep 3, 2012
France has more churches than any country in Europe, but some believe the cost of preserving these ancient structures is getting too high.
Food and Drink

As apps rise in popularity, will cookbooks fall out of favor?

by Marketplace Contributor Sep 3, 2012
With so many ways to find recipes and cooking tips these days, many food enthusiasts wonder if cookbooks will go the way of the dodo.

Clinton tackles territorial disputes on trip

by Rob Schmitz Sep 3, 2012
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, visiting Asia, addressed contentious territorial issues linked to concerns over natural resources.

Creating jobs vs. creating good jobs

by Mark Garrison Sep 3, 2012
Economists and politicians are watching the job market closely. On Friday, the monthly employment report is released. But if jobs are being created, are they good jobs?
Campaign Trail

No political litmus test for Atlanta's airport

by Marketplace Contributor Sep 3, 2012
Republicans are flying home from Tampa. Democrats are flying to Charlotte. Both locations send a lot of connecting flights through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. So what's the mood like there?
Final Note

Apps collect data on users even when not in use

by Sarah Gardner Sep 3, 2012
Even when certain apps aren't being used, they collect a lot of information about users.
European Debt Crisis

What's up, Europe? Checking in with U.K. ex-pats

by Sarah Gardner Sep 3, 2012
Two ex-pats living in the U.K. discuss the jobs picture abroad.

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