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Marketplace for Monday, Feb. 9, 2015

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Airing on Monday, Feb. 9, 2015: “NBC Nightly News” took a ratings hit last week amid the Brian Williams controversy. At 36 percent, it was a big dip, but declining viewership for all network evening news shows isn’t, well, news. How relevant is the evening news in the 24/7 information era and do the networks see a good reason to continue their investment? Plus, Greece is at loggerheads with other eurozone nations over the terms of its bailout. The country’s tough-talking  finance minister said that if Greece is forced out, the eurozone could unravel. Is Greece such a cornerstone, and why are other eurozone nations so reluctant to see it go?

Segments From this episode

Plucky pitch that made Ed Burns take off in Hollywood

by Kai Ryssdal and Tommy Andres Feb 6, 2015
A rough cut, Robert Redford and a production assistant with moxie.
Learning Curve

With Common Core testing, you get what you pay for

by Amy Scott Feb 9, 2015
A look at economics of testing and new assessments tied to Common Core standards.

What if Greece really does leave eurozone?

by Stephen Beard Feb 9, 2015
As the country rejects austerity programs, other members fret about the impact.

Changing fortunes of nightly news shows

by Tim Fitzsimons Feb 9, 2015
The Brian Williams controversy shines a spotlight on the problems of network news.
Final Note

Average tax refund so far this year is about $3,500

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 9, 2015
Why are you people filing your returns so early?

Auto security? What security?

by Nova Safo Feb 9, 2015
New report says connected autos cars are even more vulnerable to online breaches.

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Disparate Youth Santigold
Sad Song Au Revoir Simone
This Is Our Lot Wild Beasts
Human Beings Matt Pond PA
It Gets Dark Holy Ghost!

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