Global economy struggles to manage “polycrisis”
Jan 11, 2023

Global economy struggles to manage “polycrisis”

Threats like climate change and the war in Ukraine will continue to challenge the world economy. Plus, small businesses get recession-ready.

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Red Texas is flush, blue California has a deficit, but it's more about economics than politics

Jan 11, 2023
Fewer tech millionaires were minted in 2022, hurting California's bottom line, while in Texas, the oil and gas industry boomed.
"Because [California is] a heavy tech economy, it means tech has a disproportionate impact on the state’s revenues," said Chris Hoene at the California Budget & Policy Center. 
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Like other banks before it, Wells Fargo pulls back from mortgage biz

Jan 11, 2023
It used to be the top mortgage lender in the country.
Wells Fargo used to be the top mortgage lender in the country. Now it's retreating from the business as nonbank lenders gain market share.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

In Butte, Montana, holiday shoppers "spent a lot, smiled a lot"

Jan 11, 2023
Mall manager Alana Ferko is coming off a strong holiday shopping season coupled with new business from a Hollywood production.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

A battered world economy faces a "polycrisis"

Jan 11, 2023
The World Economic Forum's new report identifies a long list of interconnected economic threats that could feed off of and worsen each other. But there is a caveat.
Sergei Supinksy/AFP via Getty Images

Eyeing a recession, small businesses look to boost revenue and inventory

Jan 11, 2023
Small business owners continue to face a lot of uncertainty over COVID, rising interest rates, and the possibility of a recession. So many are taking steps to prepare for a potential downturn in 2023.
A worker assembles the interior of a safe. Many small business are looking to boost revenues in anticipation of a potential recession.
George Frey/Getty Images

Hospitals explore virtual nursing to cover staffing shortages and fight burnout

Jan 11, 2023
With nurses facing burnout like never before, some hospitals are exploring remote work options that could keep experienced RNs on the job longer.
Ardent Health is partnering with to implement virtual nursing technology in each of its 30 hospitals, though the companies say they plan to use local nurses rather than beaming in people from out of state.

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