Economic security is national security
Dec 6, 2022

Economic security is national security

Undersecretary of Defense William LaPlante talks weapons acquisition, the defense funding bill and the war in Ukraine. Plus, streaming platforms, airlines and the future of meat.

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Congested supply chains may finally be easing as inventories fall

Dec 6, 2022
Retailers have managed to offload excess inventory, and global shipping is returning to pre-pandemic normal.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Pentagon's weapons buyer on replenishing stockpiles and fortifying supply chains

Dec 6, 2022
"You can't separate" economic and national security, says Undersecretary of Defense William LaPlante.
Kai Ryssdal, left, and Undersecretary of Defense William LaPlante at a contractor's site in California. The disruptions caused by COVID showed that the "just-in-time economy, the minimized inventory — it's not resilient," LaPlante said.
Andie Corban/Marketplace

Why is streaming video still so messy?

Dec 6, 2022
Streaming platforms are experimenting with different subscription models, advertising strategies and even partnerships with competitors.
Streaming service HBO Max has relaunched on Amazon Prime Video.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Airlines and airports need each other — and also hate each other

Dec 6, 2022
Many airports are hoping to raise the fees they charge airlines, and airlines have not responded well. The fight is public and nasty.
The fees airlines charge to airports are much more significant than what airports charge airlines, per ICF's Samuel Engel. Above,  planes sit at the San Francisco International Airport.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Consolidation has made the meat industry vulnerable to crises like COVID-19

Dec 6, 2022
In this excerpt from "Raw Deal," author Chloe Sorvino explains how America's meat supply chain became so fragile.
A worker processes meat at an independent butcher in May, 2020, following closures at several major plants due to COVID-19 outbreaks.
Brent Stirton/Getty Images

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