A view of the post-peak housing market
Jul 25, 2023

A view of the post-peak housing market

Home prices are generally down compared to 2022, but they've risen in recent months. Then, we examine the global costs of tax havens.

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The rise and fall of home prices across America

Jul 25, 2023
Property values are generally down from the same time in 2022, but they have been rising in recent months and vary regionally.
Prices of existing homes started rising again in February, even though the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

For a profitable barge line on the Mississippi, it is "still too expensive to grow"

Jul 25, 2023
"Even though our business is good, we're not seeing any growth," said Austin Golding, CEO of Golding Barge Lines in Mississippi.
Golding has also been working to improve work-life balance for his employees, saying, "When I ask you to come live at work, and work floats around the country, that's a big ask."
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Milton Friedman’s “long and variable lag,” explained

Jul 24, 2023
A concept popularized by Milton Friedman in the 1960s still influences how the Fed talks about monetary policy today.
The phrase that Milton Friedman popularized — long and variable lag — still helps orient monetary policymakers today.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

How will AI companies make money?

Jul 25, 2023
The consumer-facing AI apps like ChatGPT and Google's Bard have been dazzling users, but ultimately, the big money in AI will be helping businesses work more efficiently.
While you can currently use ChatGPT for free, the most powerful large language model behind it costs users $20 a month.
Olivier Morin/AFP via Getty Images

Will big tech platforms feel a dip in ad spending?

Jul 25, 2023
Less spending by crypto and quick-delivery companies has been partially offset by more spending by pharmaceutical firms, carmakers and food and beverage companies.
Big tech companies like Alphabet and Meta may be impacted by the decline in ad spending.
Noah Berger/AFP via Getty Images

Has the crackdown on global tax dodging failed?

Jul 25, 2023
A British campaign group calls for a different approach to curbing tax avoidance and evasion.
While the Cayman Islands are known for their reputation as tax havens, parts of the U.S. are also destinations for tax avoidance.
David Rogers/Getty Images

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