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12/01/2017: What happens when you pump gas into a healthy economy?

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You risk overheating it. If these cuts pass, and if they do, in fact, stimulate the already-growing economy, the Fed would inevitably have to pump the brakes and raise interest rates. We get into that scenario and hear listeners’ ideas about what America would look like with this tax bill in place. Plus, who the Children’s Health Insurance Program left stranded when Congress failed to extend its funding, a dispatch from coal country and the tale of how Charles Dickens wrote his hit Christmas story and ended up with almost no money.

Segments From this episode

There's no giving up on coal in Greene County, Pennsylvania

by Erika Beras Dec 1, 2017
While there's plenty of money for free job training in health care and trucking, local workers pack coal classes instead.

Is this the right time for a tax cut?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Dec 1, 2017
The GOP tax cuts may add about 0.8 percent to GDP growth during the next 10 years, according to several budget models. But that’s economic growth for an economy that’s already heating up. And you know who you call when the economy gets too hot? The Federal Reserve. It’s the Fed’s job to come in […]

States warning families they may lose CHIP medical coverage

by Andy Uhler Dec 1, 2017
Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program ran out at the end of September, meaning millions of kids and pregnant women won’t have coverage in the new year. There are bills in Congress that would fund the program, but nobody can agree where to get to money to do it. The $15 billion program funnels […]

Don’t forget ... a federal government shutdown looms

by Kimberly Adams Dec 1, 2017
Some groups use their leverage on the Hill to avert a closure.
Brought to You By

"A Christmas Carol" was supposed to be Dickens' moneymaker

by Hayley Hershman Dec 1, 2017
Too bad it didn't make him any.
Weekly Wrap

The GOP's tax reform bill could pass the Senate tonight

by Kai Ryssdal Dec 1, 2017
What could final legislation look like?

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