Deepfakes and the 2024 election season
Mar 5, 2024

Deepfakes and the 2024 election season

Marketplace's Lily Jamali and Kimberly Adams talk about how far deepfake tech has come and its potential misuse in the election cycle.

Audio deepfakes have become shockingly convincing in the last few years. A deepfake robocall impersonating President Joe Biden encouraging voters to stay home for the New Hampshire primary was one recent example of how far the technology has advanced and how high the stakes are this election season.

That’s why “Marketplace Tech” is launching a limited series called “Decoding Democracy.” Marketplace’s Lily Jamali will be joined by other Marketplace reporters, experts and researchers to discuss what election mis- and disinformation is out there, how to spot it and how it impacts our democracy.

In this first episode of “Decoding Democracy,” Marketplace senior correspondent Kimberly Adams joins Jamali to discuss how far audio deepfake technology has advanced in the last few years, how it’s being used in election-related misinformation and disinformation campaigns, and tips to protect yourself from being fooled by an audio deepfake.

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