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Jesús Alvarado

Associate Producer


Jesús Alvarado produces segments about the tech industry and the digital economy on "Marketplace Tech," and sometimes reports his own stories about the creator economy and health tech.

He graduated with a Master of Science in journalism from the University of Southern California, where he served as the inaugural editor of the campus' first-ever bilingual radio show "Dímelo," focused on the Chicanx communities around LA. He's also produced and edited podcast shows like ""Potato"" with Tenoch Huerta and "Tepito: Barrio Brava," as well as the award winning podcast "Autism Goes to College."

When he's not slouching over his computer while editing interviews, Jesús can be found hiking in West Hollywood before going to eat tacos. He's also on a lifelong journey to figure out how to make a living while being a couch potato who watches a lot of trash TV and reality shows. (Anyone a “Bach” fan?)