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AI manipulation and the liar’s dividend
Mar 20, 2024

AI manipulation and the liar’s dividend

Marketplace's Lily Jamali and Kimberly Adams discuss how deepfake images are leading people to second guess everything in the latest episode of our "Decoding Democracy" series.

It was supposed to be just another royal social media post celebrating Mother’s Day in the UK. But that heavily edited photo of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, and her kids went on to fuel all kinds of conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s health and where she’s been.

This election season, that royal mishap served as a reminder that seeing is not always believing. Especially on the internet.

Images manipulated — whether by artificial inteligence or with tools like Photoshop — are everywhere, meaning we have to scrutinize user-generated content no matter how “official” the source.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali and Kimberly Adams discussed why some fake images circulating of President Biden and former President Trump ahead of Election Day can be so problematic.

This conversation was part of Marketplace Tech’s limited series “Decoding Democracy.” You can watch the full episode here or on our YouTube channel.

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