Why Temu prices are so low
Apr 3, 2024

Why Temu prices are so low

E-commerce platform Temu’s products are often cheap and unbranded — but those low prices could be coming at high costs.

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Few cracks in the labor market

More private-sector jobs were added to the economy than expected in March; the ADP payroll calculation showed 184,000 more people getting paychecks. Let’s check in with Susan Schmidt, head of public equity at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.

Report says remote workers are getting little training on best practices

Apr 3, 2024
A consulting firm's report says more than 70% of workers haven't had training on managing remote workers or the best way to do so.
Four years into the pandemic, more than 70% of workers still haven’t gotten training on remote work best practices, a new report says.
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

RIP to GE (the corporate conglomerate, that is)

General Electric has now finished splitting itself up into three distinct companies — aerospace, healthcare and power-generation — on the theory that the sum of the parts is more than the whole.

When cheap products come at a cost

The China-owned online shopping platform Temu has become a popular place to shop cheap over the last year. Temu serves 49 countries, including the United States. But how are the e-commerce platform’s goods so darn cheap? Reporter Sam Gruet reports.

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