What’s behind the U.N.’s new climate fund agreement?
Nov 21, 2022

What’s behind the U.N.’s new climate fund agreement?

Delegates at this year's COP27 climate summit in Egypt agreed in principle last week to establish a fund to help compensate developing countries for damages caused by climate change. We take a look at what we know so far. Then, we talk to Julia Coronado about the risk China's economic slowdown poses to the global economy. And, a look into this year's open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act.

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Gig workers are signing up for ACA health benefits, though many still go uncovered

Nov 21, 2022
Gig workers are a major reason this year's open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act individual marketplace is likely to be big.
Sharon Barker, an Affordable Care Act navigator, discusses open enrollment in Nashville, Tennessee. She said more of her clients are working in the gig economy and using the individual marketplace to support a more flexible career.
Blake Farmer/WPLN News

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