What onions tell us about the layers of inflation
Jan 17, 2022

What onions tell us about the layers of inflation

The advanced child tax credit checks have stopped coming for now, leaving many families who relied on it in a bind. The BBC reports on the resignation of the chairman of Credit Suisse, who apparently broke COVID protocols.

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The increased child care tax credit has ended — for now

Jan 17, 2022
The payments typically came through about this time, but not this month. Some families had come to depend on that extra money.
A protestor and child in Brooklyn urge Congress to make the expanded child tax credit permanent in July.
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for ParentsTogether

Taco truck economics: What happens when the cost of onions goes up?

Jan 17, 2022
Rising costs have food vendors starting to try and figure out pricing, for meals that customers assume will remain inexpensive.
Elizabeth Garcia takes an order from a customer at her mobile restaurant "La Patrona" in Los Angeles.
Benjamin Gottlieb for Marketplace

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