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Walmart has entered the delivery service arena
Aug 24, 2021

Walmart has entered the delivery service arena

Also today: The BBC's Stephen Ryan reports on AirBnB's charitable arm extending a hand to Afghan refugee housing efforts. We also look at how the pandemic has affected adult day care. Michael Schumacher talks to us about what to possibly expect out of the Jackson Hole economic symposium and how it could affect the markets. 

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Pandemic spurs transformations in the adult day care industry

Aug 24, 2021
Many adult day care centers had to close because of COVID-19. When those that were able to keep going re-opened, they had to make changes.
Aysha Treadwell, owner of the McKinley Caregiver Resource Center, leads the ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the Center's new services as it transitions away from a traditional adult day care.
Courtesy: McKinley Caregiver Resource Center

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