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There are few options for mothers in prison
Feb 21, 2023

There are few options for mothers in prison

For incarcerated women, there are few options for where to send their children when serving their sentences — many lack family members who could take them in, and foster care carries the risk of losing custody. Hear how some groups in Minnesota are forming an alternative foster care system. We check in with Dr. David Kelley, Chief Market Strategist at JP Morgan Funds, about the markets picture underneath the good recent economic data. The Supreme Court is set to take up cases this term that could shape the tech landscape for the foreseeable future. And, in earthquake-torn Turkey and Syria, aid groups are disbursing U.S. dollar-denominated cash donations to victims.

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For incarcerated women, worries about losing child custody

Feb 21, 2023
Women sentenced prison time worry about who will take care of their children — and if they will be able to maintain custody.
Lori Timlin (pictured), parenting coordinator at the Minnesota women's prison, said a huge worry for women serving prison sentences is losing custody of their children.
Courtesy Alisa Roth

The market's underlying strength may be less than what recent data suggests

Dr. David Kelley, Chief Market Strategist at JP Morgan Funds, takes the temperature of the market.

Why U.S. dollars are a growing form of international aid

Feb 21, 2023
One reason to give cash: It empowers people to buy what they need, not what aid groups think they need.
Syrian rescue teams search for survivors after the recent catastrophic earthquake.
Louai Beshara/AFP via Getty Images

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