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The specter of inflation haunts this week’s Fed meeting
Oct 31, 2022

The specter of inflation haunts this week’s Fed meeting

Many economists believe the gathering of Fed policymakers is an omen of another interest rate hike to fight inflation. Over in Europe, inflation's growth has led to some very real cost-of-living horror, as the BBC reports. Then, we check in on some school districts in Texas that have shape-shifted their schedules into a four-day work week.

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Some Texas school districts are pivoting to a 4-day week

Oct 31, 2022
One district that has made the move is finding it easier to recruit and hire teachers. But some working parents say it is harder to manage.
The Athens Independent School District launched a three-year pilot program in 2019 as it transitioned to a shorter week with longer days. That schedule is now permanent, and the district isn’t looking back.
Bill Zeeble/KERA

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