South Africans struggle to find food and fuel as protests spiral
Jul 15, 2021

South Africans struggle to find food and fuel as protests spiral

From the BBC World Service: Widespread violence and ransacking of stores continues in South Africa, where protests sparked by the jailing of the country’s former president Jacob Zuma are being fueled by outrage about poverty, unemployment and inequality. Plus, why China's economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has hit a speed bump; and the Asian palm oil giant Korindo is stripped of a green certification status over allegations it destroyed vast areas of rainforest to make way for plantations.

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Palm oil giant expelled from green certification body

Korindo, a Korean palm oil company, has been stripped of its sustainability status in the wake of a BBC investigation.

Protests escalate in South Africa

The arrest of former President Jacob Zuma this month triggered a wave of violence and theft in “quite a dire situation for business owners.” By one estimate, more than 46,000 businesses have been affected.

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