Singapore is next in line for elections during COVID-19
Jul 9, 2020

Singapore is next in line for elections during COVID-19

The wealthy city-state of Singapore heads to the polls amid rising concerns about socioeconomic inequality. Australia ignites more fury from China, its biggest trading partner. As disease ravages global pork stocks, could fake meat be the answer?

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Australia-China trade tensions flare up

China's new national security law for Hong Kong is changing its relationship with Australia. Phil Mercer reports from Sydney.

Examining wealth in Singapore ahead of Friday's elections

Singapore has the world's 7th-largest GDP per capita. But the rising cost of living and widening social inequality make the economy a central part of the upcoming elections. Song Seng Wun, a Singaporean economist at CIMB Bank, has more.

COVID-19 and other viruses threaten the global supply of pork

Is now the time for synthetic meat to shine? The BBC's Elizabeth Hotson has more.

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