Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Mighty Germany gets a wake up call about jobs. Booksellers and publishers gather  in New York City for the biggest publishing event in North America -- BookExpo. Even in the face of fierce digital competition from giants Amazon and Apple, independent retailers aren't buckling. And what's next for federal student loan rates?

Mothers are breadwinners in record 40% of U.S. households: Study

A new report from Pew shows that moms are now the primary breadwinnner in 40% of U.S. households, but not all super-moms are created equal.
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A status update on Facebook's rules about violent speech

A growing chorus of women's rights groups called on advertisers to boycott the site for allowing content that promoted sexism and violence towards women.
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PODCAST: Mortgage rates spike, Colorado River drops

Is the era of super-low mortgages over? Tornado victims worry first response donations won't cover long-term needs. And, as drought lowers the Colorado River, conserving water gains urgency.

Is the era of super-low mortgages over?

The value of the benchmark 10-year Treasury note is down, amid signs the U.S. economy is gathering strength. The yield is up to 2.14 percent, and 30-year mortgage rates are inching close to 4 percent, the highest in a year.
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Tornado victims worry first response donations won't cover long-term needs

Last week's tornado in Moore, Oklahoma could cost insurance companies $3.5 billion, according to Risk Management Solutions.
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Congrats, you graduated! Now what about those student loans?

Despite some movement in Congress to alter the trajectory of what you might consider an incoming personal finance missile, interest rates on some government backed student loans are set to double on July 1.
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Mighty Germany gets a wake up call about unemployment

The number of unemployed Germans rose more than four times what analysts had expected in May. Still Europe's largest economy held onto its jobless rate of 6.9 percent -- lower than the majority of euro zone countries.
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Money laundering goes virtual? U.S. accuses Liberty Reserve of moving billions

The Feds have accused Liberty Reserve of moving $6 billion for criminals involved in credit card fraud and Ponzi schemes by converting cash to virtual currency.
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Lack of banking options leads to mobile phone payments in Africa

In some cases, a dearth of infrastructure can actually lead to innovation. No where is this more true than in the developing world.
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Congress considers hacker tactics to fight against cyber criminals

How should the U.S. government and companies protect themselves against hackers? One answer is to hack right back.
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As e-books rise, smaller book stores are still growing

As the publishing industry comes together at BookExpo America in New York, e-books are all the rage. How are smaller stores hanging on so well?
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As drought lowers Colorado River, conserving water gains urgency

40 million people depend on the Colorado for drinking water. 15 percent of the nation's food supply comes from fields irrigated by it.
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