Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 6, 2014

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The Senate will vote today on another bill to extend long-term unemployment benefits for 1.7 million Americans.  In this version of the legislation, millionaires will be ineligible. Plus, Tennessee’s governor wants to make community college or technical school free for all high school graduates in the state. Kate Davidson reports on what’s behind the plan and how the state proposes to pay for the free education.   

PODCAST: Layoffs in tech and retail

There big cuts to jobs in the tech industry in January. Meanwhile the Governor of Tennessee wants to make community college in his state free. And European officials are considering new trade agreements with Cuba.
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Twitter's good earnings report just doesn't cut it for investors

Despite a favorable report, investors are unhappy about Twitter's number of users.
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How easy should it be to join a labor union?

The National Labor Relations Board wants to change the rules about how workers vote on whether or not to unionize.
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European officials to consider new trade with Cuba

What will this mean for Cuba's relationship with the U.S.?
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When tech jobs don't last forever

Layoff announcements surged in January in tech and retail sectors.
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New York's Fashion Week spreads out from its uptown hub

The co-founder of MADE Fashion Week talks the 'new guard' of American fashion.
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Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai bows after a Feb. 6, 2014, press briefing to announce the company's financial results in Tokyo.

Sony to sell off VAIO brand, expects $1B loss

Sony of Japan struggles with the Microsoft problem: finding its way in the land of Apple and Samsung.
Posted In: Sony, VAIO, computers, television

Tennessee Promise to make state's community colleges free

The announcement from the state's governor is part of a broader workforce development strategy. And similar moves have worked before.
Posted In: tennessee, community colleges, Tennessee Promise

Avoiding government surveillance at the Olympic games

Olympic visitors will have to deal with protecting their data in a country with a less-than-ideal reputation for cyber security.
Posted In: Olympics, Sochi, 2014 Winter Olympics, data security

It's not that easy to be a YouTube superstar

Even for popular YouTubers, making money off their videos can be hard.
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