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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 3, 2011

Segments From this episode

Diane Swonk: Ben Bernanke addresses the press

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 3, 2011
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speaks with reporters today at the National Press Club, as part of the Fed's effort to improve communication with the public.

Mr. Bernanke: What have you done for me lately?

by Scott Tong Feb 3, 2011
Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke will take questions from the press today at the National Press Club. The Fed chairman has spoken to the journalists in the past, but formal press conferences by a sitting chairman are not the norm. Scott Tong has more.

Drugmaker's massive loss is symptom of larger problem

by Stephen Beard Feb 3, 2011
GlaxoSmithKline, the world's second largest drugmaker, lost more than $1 billion last quarter. That's after a year of difficulties. And it reveals an industry-wide sickness. Stephen Beard reports.

A perfect storm creates price spike in global commodities

by Jeremy Hobson Feb 3, 2011
A cyclone hits Australia and drives the price of sugar to a 30-year high. Civil unrest in Egypt has pushed up the price of wheat. Global demand is growing on a shrinking supply. Is the cost increase in global commodities a coincidence? Kevin Kerr responds.

"The Daily Show" returns to Hulu

by Scott Tong Feb 3, 2011
Viacom this morning announced a drop in last quarter's profits -- in part due to sluggish DVD sales. In an effort to boost revenue, Viacom has cut a deal with to allow popular programs like "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report," and "The Jersey Shore" back on the website.
Fallout: The Financial Crisis

Mortgage-backed securities are making a comeback

by Steve Chiotakis Feb 3, 2011
Analysts blame mortgage-backed securities for the 2008 financial crisis. So it's surprising that the bonds are making a comeback. Anusha Shrivastava, of Dow Jones Newswires, explains.

Health insurance churn expected

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Feb 4, 2011
A Health Affairs study says new health care rules could have people ping-ponging between state health insurance exchanges and Medicaid, as their income fluctuates.

Energy Star to 'superstar'

by Sarah Gardner Feb 4, 2011
The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency are teaming up to help companies with efficiency ratings on appliances stand out with a new "superstar" tier.
Economy 4.0

Change comes to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

by David Brancaccio Feb 4, 2011
Frankfurt houses Germany's main stock exchange. It's a place that is high-tech, and low on interpersonal activity. And more change is coming.

Parsing the numbers of 2011's first jobs report

by Mitchell Hartman Feb 4, 2011
The first jobs report of 2011 will be released soon. What economists are expecting in job growth and the unemployment rate.

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