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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, February 6, 2012

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The company that owns KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut reports earnings today, and it is planning on a boost from its stores in China in the year ahead. Missouri holds its presidential primary tomorrow, and it will cost the states millinos even though the votes won’t actually count. Amazon is building five new warehouses in states across the U.S., and is also testing out a program that lets customers pick up their orders instead of having them delivered.

Segments From this episode

Auto industry revs engines with Super Bowl ads

by Jeremy Hobson Feb 6, 2012
Chevy snubs Ford pick-up in 'apocalypse' commercial while Clint Eastwood boasts Detroit's comeback with inspirational "second half" speech

Analyst: Positive economic indicators send the markets up

by Jeremy Hobson Feb 6, 2012
The Dow is now up almost 100 percent from its low in March 2009, and down just 9 percent from the highest point it ever reached in 2007.
Mid-day Update

Mid-Day Extra: Madonna scores Super Bowl win

by Jeremy Hobson and David Brancaccio Feb 6, 2012
The original diva, 53-year-old international pop star Madonna, delivered a touchdown performance during the Super Bowl half-time show. But how much will she score on album sales?

The costs of the anti-Putin protests

by Peter van Dyk Feb 6, 2012
Ten of thousands of demonstrators braved Arctic temperatures in Moscow to attend competing rallies - one in favor, the other against - Prime Minister Vladmir Putin's campaign to regain the presidency of Russia.

States could get billions from 'Robosigning' banks

by Mitchell Hartman Feb 6, 2012
Monday is the deadline for states to sign onto a settlement with the nation's largest banks over abusive foreclosure practices. The deal would reportedly force banks to pay billions of dollars to people who lost their homes.
Mid-day Update

Podcast: Super Bowl winners emerge, and Greece looks for win

by David Brancaccio and Jeremy Hobson Feb 6, 2012
Weekend talks in Europe over a second bailout plan for Greece stumbled just as leaders in that country made progress on a deal to eliminate about half of the private debt it owes. Meanwhile, a bailout might be on the way for troubled homeowners if states sign onto a settlement with the nation's largest banks over abusive foreclosure practices. The New York Giants won the Super Bowl, and so did Madonna and her half-time performance. But Ford said it didn't after Chevy ran a commercial claiming its chief competitor's pick-ups couldn't survive the apocalypse. At least that means the auto industry is recovering, right?
Campaign Trail

Missouri primary will cost millions, but not matter

by Maria Altman Feb 6, 2012
Missouri is holding its presidential primary tomorrow. Turnout is expected to be extremely low, mostly because the votes for GOP candidates won't count -- and it'll still cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Getting foreclosures wrong may cost banks billions

by David Brancaccio Feb 6, 2012
National State Attorneys General Program Director James Tierney discusses why it has taken so long to reach a multi-state settlement with big banks over shady foreclosure practices during the housing crisis.

Amazon gets physical to boost online sales

by Sally Herships Feb 6, 2012
Online retailer Amazon plans to build five new warehouses in three states to cut delivery times, in the hope of boosting sales.
Marketplace Music

Dudamel conducts on 'Sesame Street'

by Stacey Vanek Smith Feb 6, 2012
Beethoven meets Big Bird as Gustavo Dudamel, who created youth orchestras in his native Venezuela, seeks to inspire listeners of "Sesame Street."

Yum! Brands announces fourth-quarter earnings

by Rob Schmitz Feb 6, 2012
Yum! Brands, reveals its latest earnings results. The parent company of KFC and Taco Bell expects a good year ahead in China.
Greek Debt Crisis

Greek talks focus on private debt, second bailout

by Stephen Beard Feb 6, 2012
Negotiations with private sector creditors are going well, but Greek officials are struggling over terms for a second bailout from the IMF and the EU

The Greek debt crisis, in verse

by Stephen Beard Feb 6, 2012
Summing up the Euro debt crisis in a 20-second poem

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