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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 20, 2015

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Airing on Friday, March 20, 2015: First up, we’ll talk about the merger in Europe worth the euro equivalent of $44 billion, and creates the largest company in the world of its kind. More on that. And Michelle Obama is midway into her trip to Asia, where she’s launching her Let Girls Learn initiative. At last count, 62 million girls worldwide were not going to school. But rather than take a broad brush to all this, Obama is teaming with the Peace Corp to try and move the needle. Under the plan, the Peace Corps will recruit and train about 650 additional volunteers to focus specifically on adolescent girls’ access to education — on a grass roots level, so they can identify specific barriers and come up with ways to remove them. We explore. Plus, the U.S. rail system is the mirror opposite of rail systems in other countries. In Europe, for example, passenger rail rules. But the U.S. freight rail system is widely recognized as the most efficient in the world. So why are we so different?  


Segments From this episode

Freight rail is king in U.S.

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Mar 20, 2015
U.S. freight rail is profitable, and it's attracting international attention.

Michelle Obama promotes girls' education in Asia

by Amy Scott Mar 20, 2015
Around the world, an estimated 62 million girls ages of 6 to 15 are not in school.

Starbucks' race push irks some

by Tim Fitzsimons Mar 20, 2015
Starbucks new #RaceTogether campaign has set off a storm of controversy.

Tesla plans to launch 'autopilot' feature this summer

by Tracey Samuelson Mar 20, 2015
CEO Elon Musk said the company could push the feature as soon as June.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: A grande race relations conversation

by David Brancaccio Mar 20, 2015
An announcement from Tesla, Starbucks' race initiative, and women breaking into construction.

Women in construction: few and far between

by Mitchell Hartman Mar 24, 2015
Women make up fewer than 3 percent of construction workers.

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