Islamic home financing opens the door to homeownership
Sep 18, 2023

Islamic home financing opens the door to homeownership

Paying interest goes against Islamic rules on finance. Now, more institutions are offering Islamic mortgage solutions. Plus, what happens if the UAW strike grows?

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The auto strikes are limited right now. But what if they don't stay that way?

The current United Auto Workers strike is limited, with less than 10% of covered employees striking. But what broader economic impact could an all-out strike have?

The Fed's plan for rates? "Higher for longer"

We check in with Julia Coronado, founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives and a professor at UT Austin, about the forecast for interest rate hikes.

Islamic home financing expanding in the U.S., opening doors for Muslim homebuyers

Sep 18, 2023
Islamic finance offers alternatives to conventional loans and mortgages to comply with a religious prohibition on interest, which is seen as financial exploitation.
Sophie Mutamuliza, seated in purple headscarf, and her husband, Adam Abeza, standing, with their four children outside the family's home in Maine this summer. The family was one of the first to close on a home using Maine-based Androscoggin Bank's new Islamic mortgage solution.
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