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Is winter coming for the U.S. job market?
Nov 4, 2022

Is winter coming for the U.S. job market?

We preview the coming October jobs report. Also, we look at what the Fed might want to keep its eye on regarding the job market. Then, it appears free returns for online purchases are proving a bit too costly for many companies.

Segments From this episode

Is the era of free returns for online purchases coming to an end?

Nov 4, 2022
Something to keep in mind as you start your online holiday shopping: Many retailers are getting stricter about their return policies.
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The team

Victoria Craig Host, BBC
Stephen Ryan Senior Producer, BBC
Meredith Garretson Morbey Senior Producer
Erika Soderstrom Producer
Alex Schroeder Producer
Redmond Carolipio Digital Producer
Ariana Rosas Producer/Director
Jarrett Dang Digital Producer (gone fishing)
Jesson Duller Media Producer
Nick Esposito Media Producer

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