Is a system telling landlords how much to charge for rent illegal?
Apr 16, 2024

Is a system telling landlords how much to charge for rent illegal?

Today, a look at landlords, the company RealPage and alleged rent-fixing.

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RealPage rent-fixing lawsuit highlights use of algorithms to set rents

Apr 16, 2024
Lawsuits allege that RealPage, a company many large landlords use to price their apartments, uses confidential data in an anti-competitive way.
"The lack of transparency encourages rents to spiral upwards," said Shanti Singh of the advocacy group Tenants Together.
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Trump Media shares stumble

Stock in former President Donald Trump’s social media company ended Monday at $26.61. Trump Media and Technology Group came in this world the other week at $50 a share. What’s behind the declining value?

Navigating the stress of emotional debt

Apr 16, 2024
New York Times' best-selling author Michael Arceneaux discusses his personal journey with debt and the importance of letting go of the shame often attached to it.
"With the psyche of debt and how much debt impacted every facet of my life, some of that really did bleed into me," said author Michael Arceneaux.
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