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How hotter temperatures lead to less productive work days
Aug 19, 2022

How hotter temperatures lead to less productive work days

It’s been a hot summer in much of the country so far, and the number of extremely hot days is expected to rise because of climate change. We look into how heat affects worker productivity, especially for people who work outside. The Big Ten collegiate sports conference closed in on what's being reported as the most lucrative sports media contract in college sports yesterday. We cover the details. And, hear from two enterprising youngsters in Wisconsin who got a chicken coop and started their own business selling eggs.

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"We just can't function in the same way": Extreme heat and worker productivity

Aug 19, 2022
Extreme heat isn't just uncomfortable. It can hurt workers' health and make them prone to errors, one expert says.
The threshold where heat starts to really affect how well people can focus and work is roughly 90 degrees, says Amir Jina at the University of Chicago.
Mark Makela/Getty Images

The young — very young — entrepreneurs behind an egg business

When given the choice to spend or save, Kiel, 6, decided to invest in chickens. His brother Fredde, 5, is his partner.
Kiel, right, and Fredde, with his hands raised, stand next to the chicken coop with their mom, Brittney, and siblings.
Courtesy Brittney

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