Back to the future, in China
Mar 1, 2021

Back to the future, in China

"Hi, Mom" is a box office hit in China, where domestic films are dominating right now. This one is being compared to "Back to the Future." Plus, a different vibe on the stock market to start this week, compared to last. A rally is picking up steam now. And, the use of blockchain in Britain's national COVID vaccine program.

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How's that bond market doing today?

A recent and rapid rise in bond yields has sapped some life from the stock market. Julia Coronado, president and founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives, said that things are more stable at the start of this week. “We’re opening the week in a calmer mood,” Coronado said. She also said money is headed back into the stock market. “Everything is relative. So with interest rates having reset a little bit higher, sort of toward the post-pandemic economy scenario, stocks feel a lot better, that they’re not just shooting to the moon. Interest rates aren’t just shooting to the moon. Stocks can stabilize, commodities may be a bit more stable than they were last week.”

Blockchain technology, used in Bitcoin, aids U.K. vaccine program

Mar 1, 2021
Distributed ledgers play a part in protecting vital British vaccine supplies.
Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

As China's movie theaters return to normal, domestic releases top box office

Mar 1, 2021
The top four films this week are all domestic Chinese films. In the past, at least one of those would be from Hollywood.
"Hi Mom," a sentimental comedy, has rapidly become one of the most popular films of all time in China.
Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

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