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California could put gas cars in the rearview
Aug 25, 2022

California could put gas cars in the rearview

Officials in the Golden State are expected to approve a plan today that will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035. Auto regulations in California often influence other states to adopt similar rules. Also, we'll preview the Federal Reserve's big Jackson Hole Economic Symposium with economist Diane Swonk who will be in attendance. Plus, how China is aiming to boost the country’s economy with stimulus as it's being hit by a strict zero-COVID policy, heat waves and more. Finally, a look at how your conduct matters when it comes to tort law and amusement parks. It's some legal context for our "Econ Extra Credit" selection this month, "Class Action Park."

Segments From this episode

How high's the bar when it comes to suing an amusement park?

How much wiggle room does the law give us to make dumb decisions and still seek compensation?
How foolishly can one act and still be entitled to some compensation in the event something goes wrong?

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