Feb 22, 2021

Troubles with another Boeing plane

The aftermath of an engine failure on a Boeing 777 flight over the weekend. Plus, why bond prices are falling and what it means for the U.S. economy's future. And, a report on which jobs won't be coming back as a result of the pandemic.

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Why are Treasury note yields rising so much?

"Expectations for both inflation and growth down the road are starting to improve and normalize," said Julia Coronado, president and founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives. So far, that's mostly good news, Coronado added. "There's an expectation that the economy will function normally and in a healthy way down the road," she said. "Of course, if bond yields rise too much too fast, that could hurt the housing market. I don't think we're there yet, but that would be the concern if they keep going up. The Federal Reserve has been trying to keep rates down for some time."

What will life after the pandemic look like? First off, millions are switching jobs, McKinsey Global Institute report says

Susan Lund, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute who helped produce its recent Future of Work report, has more.

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