Biden’s call to allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers
Apr 9, 2021

Biden’s call to allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers

The president says Congress should repeal gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. Plus, money from the latest round of COVID relief to address affordable housing and homelessness. And, what a court ruling involving Prince, Andy Warhol and copyright law might mean for the art world.

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HUD announces $5 billion in grants to fight homelessness

Apr 9, 2021
The money can be used for tenant-based rental assistance and property development to create more affordable housing.
Protestors demonstrate against the removal of an encampment in Los Angeles, CA during the spring of 2021. Mario Tama/Getty Images
Mario Tama/Getty Images

What does Warhol “fair use” ruling mean for artists and copyrights?

Art critic and Warhol biographer Blake Gopnik fears the decision will have a profound effect on "appropriation art."
Lynn Goldsmith’s photograph, left, and Andy Warhol’s portrait of Prince, as reproduced in court documents.
Courtesy of the U.S. District Court

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