As states pass pay transparency laws, is their impact clear?
Mar 22, 2023

As states pass pay transparency laws, is their impact clear?

Eight states thus far have passed laws to boost pay transparency in job listings, aiming to grant applicants more information in a competitive job market. We look at the experience of New York City after implementing its own rule. Chris Farrell explains how to make the most of federal deposit insurance — and how someone can get more than $250,000 in the bank insured. And, Google yesterday released Bard, its competitor to Microsoft's AI chatbot, ChatGPT. 

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Eight states have passed pay transparency laws. How effective are they so far?

Mar 22, 2023
A quarter of U.S. workers now live in a place where local law requires job listings to include a salary range.
New York City's stab at pay transparency offers insight into how such laws could work in other states.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

How to get more than $250,000 covered by federal deposit insurance

From creating joint accounts to patronizing multiple banks, there are ways to maximize FDIC coverage, says economics contributor Chris Farrell.
Having too much money to be insured in one account is a good problem to have. Marketplace economics contributor Chris Farrell explains how to solve it.
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