Jul 8, 2011

Marketplace Money for July 8, 2011


Marketplace Money for July 8, 2011

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Getting Personal: Paying for college with life insurance, or with savings

Jul 7, 2011
Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and Kiplinger's Kathy Kristof answer listener questions.

Why investing like a girl is a good thing

Jul 8, 2011
One example of someone who's successfully invested like a girl? The Oracle of Omaha, of course.
Berkshire Hathaway billionaire Warren Buffett
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

What's in your wallet, Kathryn Varden?

A newly licensed 16-year-old from Alabama has a wallet full of receipts.

A new way to save

Jul 8, 2011
Being called "frugal" isn't necessarily a bad thing anymore. But the way we become frugal might need to change.

How to deal with a real 'Horrible Boss'

Jul 8, 2011
Forget this weekend's box office opener, some people experience horrible bosses every day at work. We share tips for dealing with a bad manager.

U.S. Department of Education lists colleges by price

Jul 8, 2011
And some of the schools that have raised their tuition prices the most in the last few years will have some explaining to do.

Online Security 101

Jul 8, 2011
For a lot of us, our entire lives are online these days. So how do we protect ourselves?

Piggy Bank Award: TIAA-CREF success

Jul 8, 2011
Tempted to tap your 401(k) or maybe your TIAA-CREF account? Think again. A Colorado listener had the same temptation -- in 1978. He kept it, and has been laughing to the bank ever since.

Mutual fund managers invest in emerging markets

Jul 8, 2011
Emerging markets like China, India, Brazil are growing fast, but the risks taken there could be major.