Heidi Moore


Heidi N. Moore is The Guardian's U.S. finance and economics editor. She was formerly the New York bureau chief and Wall Street correspondent for Marketplace.

Prior to joining Marketplace, Moore was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where she was the lead writer for the paper’s award-winning Deal Journal online and daily newspaper column during the height (and depths) of the world financial crisis. In addition, she wrote an analysis of banks and mergers and broke news of SEC investigations, big acquisitions, and Barclays Capital buying most of Lehman Brothers out of bankruptcy.  Before that, she was U.S. Bureau Chief for London-based, Dow Jones-owned weekly newspaper and daily website, Financial News. For six years, she was a senior writer covering Wall Street banks and power brokers for The Deal magazine.

Moore’s articles on Wall Street banks and finance have been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Financial Times and Slate.

Moore is a graduate of Columbia University and a native New Yorker. In her free time, Moore enjoys running and traveling.

Latest Stories (229)

Burger King to go public -- again

Apr 4, 2012
Burger King has been bought and sold several times in the last decade. Now its private investors plan to take it public again.

Apple stock predicted to hit $1,000 a share

Apr 3, 2012
Apple stock has defied gravity to top $600 a share. Now two analysts predict it could hit $1,000, creating a $1 trillion company.

Groupon's accounting woes continue

Apr 2, 2012
Discount coupon site Groupon has hit another accounting rough patch. This time, investors are taking notice.

The Birth (and Death) of the Moral Age of Wall Street

Mar 27, 2012
Marcy Murninghan's unpublished late 1990s interview with former Goldman Sachs chairman John Whitehead illuminates how he tried to bring a moral sense to banking.

Apple, changing to the core, offers dividend

Mar 19, 2012
Apple, after amassing nearly $100 billion in cash, bows to shareholder pressure for a dividend. Investors want Apple to keep growing fast too.

Citigroup: Who Are You Calling A Failure?

Mar 14, 2012
Citigroup put up a blog post today disputing that the bank had "failed" the Federal Reserve's stress tests.

The Devil Wears Pinstripes

Mar 14, 2012
A New York Times op-ed by a former Goldman Sachs executive director illuminates the long, slow slide of Wall Street's culture and the divisions within the industry.

Federal Reserve releases banks' stress test results

Mar 13, 2012
Turns out American banks are in a much better position financially than we thought.

Facebook friends 25 more banks

Mar 8, 2012
Facebook now has 31 banks involved in the company’s much-anticipated stock offering. Why does it want so many bankers?

Taking a loss on Greek bonds

Mar 8, 2012
Private investors are being asked to accept big losses on their loans to Greece, in order for the country to get more bailout money and avoid a messy default that could send Europe back into crisis. About two-thirds of bondholders so far have agreed.