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Marketplace Money for Friday, November 25, 2011

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While you recover from your Thanksgiving feast and Black Friday shopping spree, listen to an inspiring story of one unemployed woman who uses marathon running to stay hopeful about her future. Plus, the holiday shopping season has officially started. We learn about “dynamic pricing” and how to score the best deals with this system. And we look at the psychology behind why couples lie to each other about how they spend their money. We’ve also got tips on how to keep the peace in your relationship using the rules of economics.

Segments From this episode

A bricks-and-mortar bookstore in an online world

by Tess Vigeland Nov 20, 2011
These days getting a book to read just takes a few clicks on your e-reader or computer. But author Ann Patchett argues that real, physical bookstores are still necessary today.

'Dynamic pricing' spreads beyond airline flights

by Steve Henn Nov 20, 2011
It's a frustrating gamble many travelers make: buy now or hope for a lower ticket price later? Annoying as it is, dynamic pricing is spreading to everything from electronics and concert tickets. Learn more about the practice.

The dismal science of love and marriage

by Tess Vigeland Nov 20, 2011
Marriage is no walk in the park. So authors Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson analyzed romantic relationships through the lens of economics to find solutions to everyday marital issues.
Shelf Life

'On the Road' to a food truck

by Roy Choi Nov 22, 2011
The Kogi Barbecue truck is often credited with kicking off the gourmet food truck craze in Los Angeles. Chef Roy Choi shares how Jack Kerouac's seminal work pushed him to start the truck.
Ask Money

Getting Personal: Money and your parents

by Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell Nov 24, 2011
Tess Vigeland and Marketplace's economics editor Chris Farrell answer listeners' personal finance questions.

Finding hope through marathon running

by Gregory Warner Nov 25, 2011
It's easy to give up on the job search, especially if you've been at it for months. But one woman finds the will to keep trying through marathon running.

Why couples lie about how they spend money

by Tess Vigeland Nov 25, 2011
For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health... There's nothing in wedding vows that promises eternal honesty about how we spend our money. And couples lie about it all the time.

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