Molly Wood
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Host & Senior Tech Correspondent

Molly Wood is a host for the Marketplace portfolio and a senior tech correspondent. She also co-hosts the podcast Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly.

Molly’s experience covering technology spans print, online and broadcast. Before officially joining Marketplace in 2015, she was a tech columnist at The New York Times and a frequent contributor to Marketplace Tech. Previously, she launched the CNET podcast “Buzz Out Loud,” which was one of the early successes in podcasting and which fans still celebrate today. In the web video space, she created an original video series at The New York Times, and also created and executive produced a broadcast-quality tech show, “Always On With Molly Wood.” The ambitious series ultimately shot episodes all over the world.

A native Montanan, Molly is now based in the Bay Area and contributes her passion and knowledge of all things tech to Marketplace. 

Twitter: mollywood

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