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Planned job cuts up 7 percent in April, education hard hit

May 3, 2012
State and local budget deficits led to a surge in job cuts in education, and high gas prices hobbled the transportation industry, sending monthly planned layoffs up in April, according to job firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas

October's jobs report: A step in a long road to recovery

Nov 4, 2011
There are hints at improvement in the latest jobs numbers, but it's still not enough -- and not everyone is counted.

Jobs report expected to show slow and steady growth

Nov 4, 2011
The October jobs report is expected to show the U.S. economy added jobs, but not enough to dent high unemployment.

How to crack into today's job market

Nov 3, 2011
The tiny increases in jobs in the U.S. aren't anything to shout about, but it means that someone out there is now employed. We look at what it takes to get a job in today's market.

Playing with the unemployment numbers

Jul 8, 2011
Today's jobs stats are bad news for Americans. But there's a silver lining for politicians on Capitol Hill. Republicans and Democrats are using the data as leverage in their debate over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.