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S&P says U.S. lawsuit is based in bitterness

Sep 4, 2013
As the three main credit-rating agencies try to restore their credibility after the financial crisis, we ask: Why is S&P different?
Standard & Poor's rating agency company headquarters in New York.

S&P deals with its own downgrade

Aug 23, 2011
Standard & Poor's finds itself the only credit rating agency to downgrade U.S. debt, while critics question its own credibility and investigators look into its rating of mortgage bonds.

We want our AAA back! Or do we?

Aug 19, 2011
The United States can win back its AAA rating for government debt, if it's willing to compromise and sacrifice. But it's a matter of pride more than necessity

The U.S. downgrade, two weeks in

Aug 19, 2011
The stock markets have seen turmoil, but the U.S. government's cost of borrowing has actually dropped despite Standard & Poor's downgrading of Treasury debt from AAA. S&P has suffered criticism

Debt commission can learn from past panels

Aug 11, 2011
A group of 12 lawmakers will start work soon to cut $1.5 trillion in debt by November. Former Congressman James Bilbray, who served on the Base Realignment and Closure Commission, explains how this commission could make progress on reducing the debt.

Global markets and the U.S. -- attached at the hip?

Aug 11, 2011
Global markets do work together, but as Marketplace's Jeff Horwich reports, conventional wisdom holds that the U.S., by sheer size, tends to lead the way

Analysis: It's about revenues, not debt

Aug 11, 2011
Marketplace Economics Correspondent Chris Farrell says the debt problem actually creates an opportunity for growth. With rates so low, he says now is the time to borrow more and create new infrastructure.

For public good, not for profit.

What does market volatility mean?

Aug 11, 2011
Marketplace New York Bureau Chief Heidi Moore says that the markets are not telling the whole story of the U.S. economy

Congressional debt commission takes shape

Aug 11, 2011
A group of 12 lawmakers will start work on cutting $1.5 trillion in debt over the next few months. Republican Congressman Dave Camp explains what he plans to do as part of the committee.

Downgrade: Is it '08 all over again?

Aug 10, 2011
New York bureau chief Heidi Moore discusses how the crisis were facing now differs from the '08 financial crisis and why we have a divided economy.