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Long term ramifications of market volatility

Aug 10, 2011
Richard Dekaser, economist with the Parthenon Group, says people are concerned about the rising probability of a recession, and perhaps more importantly, that the government's economic policy 'looks a bit rudderless'

Fed announcement implies economic slow growth until 2013

Aug 10, 2011
Interest rates for banks that borrow from the Fed will remain near zero percent for the next two years. But keeping rates that low for that long is unprecedented and making such a bold statement carries risk.

The downgrade's effect on cities' budgets and growth

Aug 9, 2011
Michael Bissonette, mayor of Chicopee, Mass., discusses how the S&P downgrade decision is already affecting his city and its plans for expansion and job growth

Fannie and Freddie downgrades could ripple through the economy

Aug 9, 2011
The downgrades of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could make it more difficult for Americans to buy a house, and further damage the wider economy
The logos for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Fed to hold rates steady for two years

Aug 9, 2011
The Federal Reserve said the economy is still suffering, and took the unprecedented step of saying it will hold rates at nearly zero until the middle of 2013

Is there an upside to the downgrade?

Aug 9, 2011
With market volatility comes bargain-basement prices for stocks, a drop in oil prices and spike in the price of gold

Is a debt downgrade a 'Lehman moment?'

Aug 9, 2011
The difference between now and three years ago may be more in cause than in effect. The first crisis was fueled by Wall Street -- this one, some analysts argue, was caused by the government's mishandling of the debt crisis.

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Investors are 'scared to debt'

Aug 9, 2011
In response to the S&P downgrade and market fears, global investors are living by the mantra: when in doubt, get out.

Economy needs more than 'cautious optimism'

Aug 9, 2011
The Federal Reserve bank is scheduled to meet this morning. One thing the Fed could do is a third round of quantitative easing -- but analysts say not to expect any major policy moves this afternoon.

Asian stocks with U.S ties take major hit

Aug 9, 2011
Investors in Asia are preparing for another recession in the U.S. by selling off stocks like Toyota, Sony and Samsung