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Sturgis biker rally starts despite COVID-19 concerns

Aug 7, 2020
The South Dakota rally, now in its 80th year, has been scaled back, with no parades or contests. But about 250,000 are expected to gather.
People stroll along Main Street on Thursday, the day before the start of the annual Sturgis Mortorcycle Rally.
Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

Caution: Kodak's comeback may not be picture-perfect

Aug 7, 2020
The Trump administration has given Kodak hundreds of millions of dollars to produce chemicals for COVID-19 treatments. But the venerable photography company will have to compete with a global supply chain.
Kodak once could claim the majority of the global film market. Now, it's being tapped to produce chemicals for potential COVID-19 treatments.
Chris Furlong/Getty Images

How's the jobs recovery? Depends on the sector of the economy.

Aug 7, 2020
Service-sector jobs are coming back, but professionals who've been working from home are facing layoffs.
A waiter serves a customer outdoors at a Maryland restaurant in June. Service-industry jobs saw the biggest comeback in the July jobs report.
Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

How will employers perceive long-term unemployment in this moment?

Aug 7, 2020
Traditionally, employers question big gaps in work history. But because of the pandemic, they may be more understanding.
A "now hiring" sign at a store in Arlington, Virginia. Employers may take the pandemic lockdown into consideration when seeing gaps in applicants' resumes.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Using coronavirus relief to pay down credit cards

Aug 6, 2020
Credit card debt was down by $76 billion in the second quarter, the steepest decline in card balances since tracking started.
The changes in household debt in the second quarter were driven by a decline in credit card balances as consumer spending dropped.
iStock/Getty Images

30 million? 18 million? How many Americans are out of work right now?

Aug 6, 2020
Why various estimates of joblessness don't seem to add up.
A woman leaves the Department of Employment Services in Washington, D.C. Estimates of unemployment vary depending on the formula and data used.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

1.2 million seek unemployment benefits after $600 federal check ends

Aug 6, 2020
It's evidence that the coronavirus keeps forcing companies to slash jobs just as the weekly federal jobless payment has expired.
The Labor Department’s report marked the 20th straight week that at least 1 million people have sought jobless aid. Pictured: A sign asking clients to wear a mask and respect social distancing is seen on the door of a closed store in Los Angeles.
Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

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For Uber, a diverse business model is the key to weathering COVID-19

Aug 6, 2020
As its ride-sharing business declined, the company pivoted to delivery.
An Uber Eats delivery worker riding an electric scooter in New York City in March.
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Small towns brace for altered college football schedules

Aug 6, 2020
Business owners in Maryville, Missouri, and Baldwin City, Kansas, say college athletics help their bottom lines.
A Northwest Missouri State University football game in 2019 with a large crowd of spectators.
Greg Echlin

Accounting in the COVID era is more subjective than ever

Aug 5, 2020
Companies are finding ways to soften the pandemic's blow to their bottom lines.
An empty Wrigley Field in Chicago on what would have been Major League Baseball's opening day. Since Disney didn't air MLB games, it didn't have to count the licensing cost in its financial results.
Scott Olson/Getty Images