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Cast of characters: The enforcer

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Che Yuelian, one of the people responsible for enforcing China's one-child policy in this story by Marketplace China bureau researcher Cecilia Chen.

Cast of characters: HR manager

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Michael Shu, a human resources director as he discusses what's different about only-child employees in the workplace.

Cast of characters: The critic within

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Liang Zhongtang, a demographer who has criticized China's one-child policy, in these interview excerpts.

Cast of characters: The outside critic

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Wang Feng, a demographer who is a professor at the University of California, Irvine. He says it's time to phase out China's one-child policy.

Cast of characters: The marketers

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Tom Doctoroff, an advertising executive, Mary Bergstrom, a youth-market researcher, and Adam Schwartz, an entrepreneur, as they discuss the one-child market in China.

Cast of characters: The policy defenders

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Zhang Weiqing, minister of China's State Population and Family Planning Commission, and economist Lu Ming. They both defend China's one-child policy.

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