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The future of China's one-child policy

Jun 25, 2010
Marketplace's Scott Tong ties up his week-long series on China's one-child policy by talking to Kai Ryssdal about the future of the policy and the social ramifications it has had and will have on Chinese society.

Chinese labor pool on the decline

Jun 24, 2010
Marketplace's Scott Tong examines the effect the one-child policy is having and may have on China's labor market and manufacturing industry.

In China: More kids or more stuff?

Jun 23, 2010
In the U.S., some people get angry over what they see as government interference. But imagine the government telling you how many kids you can have and when. Well, if you lived in China, you wouldn't have to imagine. But in Northern China, an experiment for the past 15 years has allowed parents to have two children. Scott Tong reports.

China's only children carry family hope

Jun 22, 2010
Imagine a life with no siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles. For many children in China that's the reality almost 30 years after the country banned hundreds of millions of Chinese from having more than one child. Scott Tong takes a look at life as an only-child in urban China.

One-child workers: A generation of 'little emperors'

Jun 22, 2010
Between a bustling economy and a generation that won't settle for anything less than their lofty expectations, Human Resource managers in China have their work cut out for them.

For public good, not for profit.

How China's one-child policy came to be

Jun 21, 2010
Some say it helped curb China's mushrooming population. For others, it's a human rights abuse enforced by heartless bureaucrats. Scott Tong takes a look at the history of China's one-child policy -- as its 30th anniversary approaches.

Cast of characters: Only child Ken

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Ken Yuan, a 20-something utility fielder who's an only child, in this story by Scott Tong.

Cast of characters: Only child Cecilia

Jun 21, 2010
Meet Marketplace China bureau staff researcher Cecilia Chen in this first-hand narrative. She has experience with China's one-child policy because she's an only child.