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Tony Wagner is Marketplace's newsletter editor. He writes the daily email newsletter and edits several others, including Marketplace's Crash Courses.

Previously he was a digital producer who helped launch “Make Me Smart,” “The Uncertain Hour” and “This Is Uncomfortable.” After eight years at Marketplace headquarters in LA, he recently relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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What the Make Me Smart team is reading this holiday season

Dec 18, 2023
Our newsletter is on hiatus, so check out these books and long-read articles instead. Plus: We need your help with a 2024 project.
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This is not you, it's me.

Nov 17, 2023
Plus: "This American Ex-Wife" author Lyz Lenz defends her splurge, and some of our recommendations for healing a broken heart.
Zoë and her friend at the wedding.
Courtesy Zoë Saunders.

Three easy, effective ways to protect yourself from disinformation

Oct 22, 2020
The Wilson Center's Nina Jankowicz tells us we already have the tools to fight fake news and manipulation online.
One of several supposed "news" websites out of Michigan that actually publishes press releases and other materials from conservative activist groups.
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The Marketplace podcasts to listen to right now

Mar 17, 2020
Whether you want to learn more about the coronavirus and the economy, or *anything but* that, here's what to stream when you're self-isolating.
"This Is Uncomfortable" host Reema Khrais
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Five signs your workplace might be turning into a cult

Mar 10, 2020
There's cultiness all around us, at workout classes, in fandom, even at work. That's not always a bad thing, but here's what to look out for.
The Polyphonic Spree (not a cult, but definitely cult-y) at SXSW in 2004.
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