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Mark Salay

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Let's do the numbers: Halloween edition

Oct 9, 2017
Halloween spending is expected to hit a record $9.1 billion this year.
Rich Polk/Getty Images for Universal Studios Hollywood

When in prison, the costs are steep and the pay is close to nothing

Aug 21, 2017
Data compiled by the Prison Policy Initiative shows that the average incarcerated worker in state and federal prison now earns 86 cents per day, a 7 cent decrease from 2001 when inmates earned 93 cents for a day’s work.
A California State Prison-Solano inmate uses a hand tool to pack decomposed granite while installing a drought-tolerant garden in the prison yard in Vacaville, California. 
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Would a Mexican-U.S. border wall help or hurt the economy?

May 1, 2017
In our latest Marketplace-Edison Research Poll, we asked Americans how they felt about President Trump's border wall, and other stances on immigration.
Border Patrol agents patrol the U.S.-Mexico border at Friendship Park in San Ysidro, California, in  April..