An Indian farmer lifts a basket loaded with cauliflowers in a field in Rasalpur village.
An Indian farmer lifts a basket loaded with cauliflowers in a field in Rasalpur village. - 

There’s lots of turmoil overseas, particularly with the refugee crisis in Europe and trouble in the markets. But there is one bright spot in recent news -- India’s economy continues to grow. Here’s a look at today’s global news from the BBC:

Migrants take down barbed-wire fence at Macedonia, Greek border

Migrants at the border of Macedonia and Greece continue to clash with police as they seek refuge from the countries north of Greece, the BBC reported. About 7,000 people are stuck on the Greek side of the border, and hundreds pushed their way past police on Monday, with some ripping down a barbed-wire fence. Read more here.

India to provide support for farmers

India wants to double the income of struggling farmers in the next five year, according to a budget unveiled Monday. The idea is to boost farming and appeal to the rural poor. India, which has overtaken China as the world's fastest-growing economy, has been hit by slowing global demand and severe droughts affecting rural areas. The new budget allocates $12.7 billion for rural development. Read more from our partners at BBC Business.

Energy price slump sends eurozone into deflation

Driven by lower energy costs, consumer prices in the eurozone fell in February to minus 0.2 percent, the BBC reported. This puts more pressure on the European Central Bank. It's not the first time the eurozone inflation had slid below zero, but the weakness is widespread. Read more from our partners at BBC Business.

Chinese markets tumble again

Chinese shares are down again, further weakening the yuan. The Shanghai Composite shed 2.7 percent to 2,687.9 points, dashing hopes that Friday's brief recovery could be sustained. The index was down as much as 4.4 percent Monday morning, hitting a 15-month low. Hong Kong's Hang Seng fared better than the mainland, closing down 1.3 percent at 19,111.9 points. Read more from our partners at BBC Business.


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