After fleeing violence, many Venezuelan migrants seek work but lack permits

Nov 21, 2023
Some have temporary protected status, but work permits can take time. Those who arrived after July 31 can’t work legally.
Venezuelan migrants sign in at a refugee job fair in Chicago. But attendees who arrived in the U.S. after July 31 could not apply for jobs.
Esther Yoon-Ji Kang/WBEZ

When an economy needs refugees

Sep 19, 2018
Erie, Pennsylvania, strategically welcomed refugees when its population was shrinking. Now the White House is cutting their numbers.
Dylanna Jackson is a director of a resettlement program in Erie. 
Maitham Basha-Agha/Marketplace

Rebuilding your financial life in the U.S. as a refugee

Jul 28, 2017
"The system in Syria is different. We don't have credit. We deal only in cash."
Syrian couple Jay Abdo and Fadia Afashe.
Courtesy of Fadia Afashe

My Economy: Refugee says America is still 'the land of opportunity'

Feb 8, 2017
For the Ngalamulume family, the vetting process was difficult. But now two brothers are taking advantage of opportunities their parents never had.
Patrick Ngalamulume, left, and his brother George Ngalamulume are refugees from Zambia who immigrated to the U.S. in 2008.
Courtesy Patrick and George Ngalamulume

Erie's population bolstered by immigrants

Jan 19, 2017
But there are fears about what Donald Trump's policies could mean for new arrivals.
Bassam Dabbah is one of Erie's residents who immigrated from Jordan. Dabbah is now a proud American citizen.
Maitham Basha-Agha/Marketplace

BBC Roundup: Migrants break Greek border fence, India boosts farming

Feb 29, 2016
There’s lots of turmoil overseas, particularly with the refugee crisis in Europe and trouble in the markets. But there is one bright spot in recent news — India’s economy continues to grow. Here’s a look at today’s global news from the BBC: Migrants take down barbed-wire fence at Macedonia, Greek border Migrants at the border […]
An Indian farmer lifts a basket loaded with cauliflowers in a field in Rasalpur village.

A Congolese surgeon starts over in the U.S.

Nov 27, 2015
Didier Vakombua talks about his experience.

For public good, not for profit.

The business of resettling refugees

Nov 9, 2015
The refugee resettlement process starts with a trip to the airport.

Joseph Kim's escape from North Korea

Aug 28, 2015
He came from one of the most isolated economies in the world to the U.S.

Getting by as a Syrian refugee

Aug 28, 2013
As the crisis deepens in Syria, more refugees are fleeing the country.