A float depicting the cartoon character Shrek moves down the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade route November 25, 2010 in New York City. Netflix is teaming up with Shrek maker, Dreamworks, to create original content for kids. - 

Netflix is teaming up with DreamWorks Animation to create original content. But their partnership isn't for grown-ups; it's for kids. Here's Mashable with the details:

"Dubbed as the "largest deal for original first-run content in Netflix history," the new deal includes more than 300 hours of new programming inspired by DreamWorks characters... No specifics were provided, but the shows will include familiar faces such as Archie, Dudley Do-Right, Felix the Cat and Mr. Magoo, and titles like Where's Waldo? and Voltron."

Mashable's Brian Anthony Hernandez says kids are an important demographic for the streaming video provider.

"Of [Netflix's] more than 29 million streaming subscribers, many of them have families," he says. "That's why they are continuing to sign licensing deals with entertainment companies who specialize in kids shows and movies."

Over the last year, Netflix has signed on to deals with Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. to stream content from the Cartoon Network and Disney.


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