Portraits dove
An example of one of the sketches from the forensic artist in the Dove "True Beauty" ad campaign video. - 

Remember that Dove video we wrote about a few weeks ago?

It aimed to show women that their self perception was probably a little harsh, using a forensic artist. 

Today, Dove announced that the video had become the most watched ad ever. In a press release, Dove says the video has been watched over 114 million times and viewed in over 110 countries.

"The campaign evoked an emotional reaction in millions of people that inspired them to share the positive message with others. Beyond just the millions of views and publicity impressions, it is the outpouring of testimonials from around the world that are exciting us," says Fernando Machado, vice president of Dove Skin.

Whether that will change Dove's rating on the markets has yet to be seen. At the very least, it didn't compel reporter Nancy Marshall Genzer to change anything.

Will this make me use Dove soap? No. But it’s nice that they’re trying to break away from typical beauty product marketing campaigns, which are usually designed to make women feel bad about themselves, so they reach for products advertised as solutions to their supposed beauty problems.

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